Beauty of south-west Germany

You don’t even have to travel far to see stunning landmarks. All those pictures were made in my neighbourhood. This place isn’t really the area you think of when travelling to Germany, but I could really recommend it. This part of Germany is called “Odenwald” and offers a lot of places to explore. Such like castles, woods, lakes and canyons. I have got a Waterfall literally directly around the corner. This is where I spend most time of my childhood and probably also the place where I learned the most about photography. Waterfalls are just perfect to understand how shutter speed works. All around there are a lot of different flora and fauna which helps learning how to use the aperture.

steelwhool art
close up of a dandlelion sunflowers in the winter with a lot of snow horses in the winter unflowers in the winter with a lot of snow sunrise with a lot of fog sunrise behinde some trees castel steelwhool art moon
green leaf with waterdrops green leaf with waterdrops sheep waterfall waterfall waterfall moon